All About Vinegar Eels
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Male and Female Vinegar Eels
Description: Male and Female Vinegar Eels
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Vinegar eels

There are many interesting facts connected to vinegar eels such as they like to live in an environment 60-90 degrees. They have adapted to living in places with low PH. They give birth to live young as many as 45, every 8-10 days. Many people think vinegar eels are really eels. But itís hard to be related to large swimming animals when youíre microscopic. Some microorganisms are cannibalistic. Not vinegar eels! They eat fermented apples.

Vinegar eels life cycle is longer then you would think.
Vinegar eels have children. Event though Vinegar eels are microscopic, they live and grow like we do. They swim like an eel would in the acidic vinegar, or a snake (on land). The female vinegar eels are much larger than males. Mother vinegar eels will give birth to as many as 45 every 8-10 days. If you look at them under a microscope, you can sometimes see their digestive system. I find them very interesting.

Vinegar eels live in oceans and lakes that are acidic. They live an average of 10 months. They like a wide range of temperature from 60 to 90 degrees. Their favorite location is the thin meniscus at the edge of the liquid. They like to eat rotten apples. They like to live in vinegar that is not pasteurized.
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