Golden art
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What Was The Gupta Empire? MC

The Gupta Empire was placed in northern India. It became wealthy from trades of salts, cloth, and iron. Pilgrims often used trade routs to travel to a religious shrine or site. They also became wealthy off of their temples, from visiting pilgrims. India had a golden age of art and learning during the Gupta empire. They made Hinduism the official religion.

Pilgrim: a person who travels to a religious shrine.
Shrine: a holy place
Empire: a group of territories or nations under a single ruler or government.
Hinduism: system of religion that grew out of the religion of the Aryans in ancient India
What was life like in the Gupta Empire? SP

Life in the Gupta Empire was powerful because the river grew bigger more people died than other times. They also had strong rulers. The Gupta empire had been wealthy by trades like salt, cloth, and iron. They were still wealthy people that work in the cities. They became wealthy from trades and from tourists.

Barbarian: uncivilized person
Gospel: one of the four accounts of Jesus life, teachings, and resurrection.
Laity: Church members who are no clergy.
Mandate: formal order
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