Does the Shape of Ice Affect Melting Time?

My Science Fair Project
Description: My Science Fair Project
Image copyright: Mrs. Yvette Williams

I started my project by getting plastic shaped retainers. (The retainer were different shapes such as rectangle, triangle, cylinder, cone, square,...) I filled the retainers with water then I put them in the freezer. I let them freeze for over two weeks (bad idea), and when I took them out the shapes were cracked. I put them in a aluminum pan and let them melt for over two hours.

I thought the rectangle would melt the fastest . I thought the cube was the slowest and the pyramid the fastest. I thought the cylinder and square would be in between.
The cube was the slowest. The rectangle was the second slowest and the pyramid was the fastest like I had thought. The cylinder and square did come in between. My hypothesis was partly correct.
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