How Does Tee Height Affect Driving Distance?

My Science Fair Project
Description: My Science Fair Project
Image copyright: Image taken by Mrs. Yvette Williams

My hypothesis was that the high tee height would work the best. In the process of my experiment, I had three separate tee heights. I took these three tee heights and had my assistant hit a series of golf balls at each tee height.

My conclusion was that my hypothesis was incorrect. As previously stated, I hypothesized that the high tee height would work the best. However, when my assistant hit the series of balls at the high tee height, the ball went almost directly straight up into the air, which took off a lot of distance. At the low tee height, the ball had an almost completely straight and low arch. This took distance off of the drives too. Results from the medium tee height were perfect. The ball went farther and also, surprisingly straighter. In all, my conclusion is that the medium tee height works the best.
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