Eight Steps To Become President Of The United States

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STEP 1:Offical Announcment-People that want to become president give a speech so everyone can know whos running.

STEP 2:Primaries and caucuses-People from the party get to vote for the candidate who will represent their party.

STEP 3:Choosing a running mate-This is where candidates get to choose a running mate.

STEP 4:General convention-At the end of primaries and caucuses every party has a general convention to finalize their their selection of their nominee.

STEP 5:Campaigning-Campaigning is when candidates make posters or convince them to vote for you because they want to win the election.

STEP 6:Election Day-This day is for people to vote for who they want to have as their president of the United States.

STEP 7:The Electoral College-Each state gets a certain number of electors depending on each states number of representation in congress.For a candidate to become president they have to get more than half votes.(270 votes)


STEP 8:Inuguration-A ceremony where the new president takes the oath of the office in washington DC.
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