Social Structure of Ancient China
Let's learn about China's social structure

Peasants Of Ancient China
Description: Peasants Of Ancient China
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A. Which groups made up China’s Social structure?

*In first class were the kings and nobles; they were at the highest level.
*Then came the lords and warriors, they were in the second class.
*Lastly were the peasants, they were in the lowest class.

B. What were the rights and responsibilities of each group?

*The kings lead the government and gave land to different lords.
*The lords’ responsibilities were to pay the taxes to the king and provided warriors to protect the land.
*Peasants farmed the nobles land and worked for the nobles and kings.

C. Why were some groups more powerful than others?

*They were more powerful because they were wealthy and known.
* They had a lot more resources than others.

D. Why were boy children highly valued in Ancient China’s society?

*Boys were valued girls more because they were the ones that passed down the family names to their families.
*When their parents got old, the boys were the ones that took care of their parents.

E. Compare and contrast ancient China’s social structure with the United States (our country)

*They are similar because the kings and president are in the highest class.

*In the second class in the U.S. are educated adults like lawyers and surgeons and people in the army like marines. While in china it is the warriors.

*In the lower class are the homeless and the citizens of
The U.S. In ancient China it is the servants and the slaves.
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