The Wars of Ares
The Fierce God of War and Courage

Ares fighting in the Trojan War on his horse Fear
Description: Ares fighting in the Trojan War on his horse Fear
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Hello, I am Ares, the God of War and also the god who holds the spear as a symbol, and I would like to tell you about myself. I am the son of Zeus, the God of the Sky, but so is my half-brother Herakles, whom I have had many foul encounters with. Herakles bested me in war, giving him an opportunity to defeat me, but he did not, for I am honored by all great warriors. It is said that they honor me because I give strength to men so they can defend their families and villages. Although I am honored, I am feared more than respected, for my flaming chariot has claimed the lives of many mortals. In my life I have had many narrow escapes from the clenches of death, the most famous being the time two giants stuffed me into a jar. Another example of one of my more famous escapes was when I rescued Aphrodite’s son Aineias from certain death with the Achaians. Aphrodite then scurried to Mount Olympus to recover, leaving me to protect her son. When I had defeated most of the Achaians, Aineias and I rushed off to Mount Olympus to return Aphrodite’s son. There, while I sat on my throne covered in human skin, my father Zeus told me I was the most hateful of all the gods. I had known before Father favored Herakles most of all his children, but I had never thought I was his least favorite.

The Lightning Thief Quiz

Welcome to The Lightning Thief Quiz. Choose the answer you think is correct.

  1. What kind of mythical creature is Mr. Brunner?

  2. Satyr




  3. What does Mr. Brunner bring Percy when he is fighting Mrs. Dodds?

  4. A shield

    A scythe

    A pen

    A sword

  5. How does Percy feel being alone in Poseidon’s cabin?

  6. Miserable




  7. When Percy hears the words of the Oracle how does he feel?

  8. Depressed




  9. Percy ditches Grover when-

  10. Grover is knocked unconscious by the Minotaur

    They stop at a rest stop and see the three old ladies

    Grover uses the restroom at a bus station

    They enter Camp Half-Blood

  11. Why does Percy accept the quest to the Underworld?

  12. He wants to meet Hades

    He wants to find his mother

    Mr. D tricks him into going

    Grover will come with him

  13. What was the effect of Percy’s Mom and Smelly Gabe’s argument?

  14. Percy's Mom only makes and buys blue food now

    Smelly Gabe is a nicer man now proven wrong

    Percy has to go to Camp Half-Blood

    Percy's Mom doesn't cook for Smelly Gabe anymore

  15. What did Percy keep as a souvenier after killing the Minotaur?

  16. A lock of its hair

    Its eyeball

    Its horn

    Its hoove

  17. What clues tell Percy Mr. D is Dionysus?

  18. His big nose and rudeness

    His big feet and foul odor

    His eyes and height

    His ability to make wine appear and his tiger shirt

  19. What did Percy do to the Ares kids in the forest?

  20. Broke their spears and beat them up

    Summoned a hell hound to hunt them

    Drowned them in the river

    Told Annabeth they were cheating

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