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The starter of sentences.
Definition : Dependent clause sentence beginning that need commas.

Student Ex :
1. Although I hate broccoli, I still eat it. ( By Joseph )
2. While I watched the movie, I got scared. ( By Alex )
3. Until I finished the Giver, I didn't quite understand the first half. ( By Linnea )

Master Ex :
1. When the class took their seats at the conclusion of the patriotic hymn, Asher remain standing, to make his public apology as was required.
2. When the new receiver failed, all the memories she ad received were released.
3.As Jonas watched a small child began to pick up the packages, and pass them around the room : to other children, to adults who were obviously parents, and to an older, quiet couple, man and woman ,who sat smiling together on a couch.

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