Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery
By John Feinstein

Last Shot: A FInal Four Mystery
Description: Last Shot: A FInal Four Mystery
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In Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery, writing contest winners and main characters, Steven ďStevieĒ Thomas and Susan Carol Anderson, think they are attending an to write a column about an average NCAA Final Four tournament, but they are getting a story of a lifetime. They got to the watch the Final Four teams practice, they get to meet star players, and they get to sit in on interviews with coaches. As they are taking a break from the interviews the wonder around the Superdome. As they wonder, they overhear Michigan State Universityís star point guard, Chip Graber, being blackmailed. He was told to win the first game in the tournament and throw the second game, the championship game. If he didnít do this his team would be stripped of all there wins for that season and the coach, Chipís dad, would be fired. Susan and Steven have to find there way in and out of situations to figure out who is blackmailing Chip Graber and why they are doing it.

Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery takes place in New Orleans. The Final Four takes place in the Superdome. The four final teams are Minnesota State University (Big 10), Duke, St. Joe (from Philadelphia), and Connecticut (Big East). UConn has to play Duke and St. Joe has to play MSU.

I give this book 5 out of 5 starts. I recommend this book to anyone that is a basketball fall, a fan of mysteries, or someone who likes some comedy I do recommend this to some adults that are interested in sports or sports writers, but I donít recommend this to all adults.. This book is written from preteens - teenagers. It has many famous sports writers or TV hosts as characters such as Dick Vitale.
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