Sally Tompkins
By Kayla H.

Sally Tompkins
Description: Sally Tompkins
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Tompkins, Sally
Matthews country, Virginia

Captain Sally Tompkins was a confederate nurse, and the only woman to be commised into the Confederate Army. 1.Her family was rich and by 28 she was not married so she decided to be a Confederate nurse. 2.Tompkins talked Judge John Robertson into allowing his Richmond house to becoming a hospital for Confederate wounded. 3.She healed more then 12,000 sick and badly hurt soldiers and fewer then 20 of her patients died. 4.President Davis gave Tompkins an award, a commion as a captain. She was the only woman to receive such an honor of respect. 5. Tompkins died on July 25th, 1916 in Richmond, Virginia of old age. She was 83 when she died.
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