Paying College Athletes? Show me the money
Paying College Athletes

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I believed that college athletes should be paid.

1. College athletes make a lot of money for their schools. How would you feel if someone was making millions off of your skills and talents and you didn\'t get paid?
2. College athletes don\'t have time to get jobs because of their dedication to their sport. I\'ve been playing sports since I was five years old so I know how time consuming it can be. When you get to the collegiate level of play it becomes more than just time consuming, it becomes a lifestyle.
3. If schools begin to pay their athletes it would eliminate the issue of athletes accepting money illegally.

Some people believe that paying college athletes won\'t work. However, if the NCAA had someone to manage the money made by and distributed to the athletes, it would. Student athletes should be paid based on their performance and how valuable they are to the school.
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