The Lenni-lape Tribe of Colonial New Jersey
by:Max and Ryan

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There were many different Native American tribes in the New Jersey colony. The main tribe was the Lenni-lape tribe. They were known for being nice to settlers by welcoming the settlers and giving them food and shelter for the night. The Lenni-lape kids did not go to school. The boys learned to hunt, fish and build canoes. The girls learned to farm, cook and, sew. They have a corn dance every year in honor of their harvest. The Native Americans grow corn, strawberry’s, pumpkins squash ,and raspberry’s .the native Americans also used stone tools to make their every day needs. Their houses were called wigwams. Men grease their hair with bear fat and made a strait pony tail up. Women built houses in open areas for their families to sleep .In the end Foreign diseases killed many Native Americans. So that’s why many Native Americans are not hear today.
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