How the Forest Grows
This is how most forests grow:

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Changes over time:
Over time plants and animals die and decay.
They provide nutrients for other plants and animals.
Other animals can eat them and reproduce
Over time these plants and animals will also die and decay.
This pattern will continue.
Over a long period of time the population could grow to become a forest.

First plants begin to grow.
Primary consumers come and eat the plants.
Secondary consumers then come to devour the primary consumers.
These animals will die and decay for the decomposers to eat.

Multiple Perspectives:
The animals that eat plants donít feel sorry for the plants.
The secondary consumers eat the primary consumers whithout a worry.
We humans just watch it and know thatís the process of becoming a forest.

Every time an organism dies it makes more room for other animals to reproduce.
Every time an animal reproduces it will die and make more room.
This pattern will continue for years to come.
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