How The Forest Grew

The Empty Forest
Description: The Empty Forest
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Trends are important for forest growth. The forest has several different trends in its growth. One of them is that once a producer grows in a forest a first level consumer will come and then a second level consumer will come. Once a producer grows the trend will continue. Also one other tree succeeds another. This process is called succession and an important trend in a forest.

There are many details in forest growth. It works because there were many small details in the forest growth such as all the different organisms in the forest and all of their individual needs. Some of these many animals are bears, squirrels, and other mammals. There are also fish, birds, and various reptiles. Small details in forest growth like pollinators cause a great impact by pollinating plants.

Patterns are common in a forest. One pattern is producers, such as plants and trees, grow in a forest and then the first level consumers eat them. After that, the second level consumers eat first level consumers. This pattern runs through the life of the forest. This pattern will break if weather, fire, et cetera occurs.

Many things happen in a forest over time. It works because it took a long time for a forest reach its climax stage. It also took a long time for all of the animals to come to the forest.
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