How The Forest Grew

Description: Forest
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Patterns can occur in forests when a different tree species succeeds the other tree species; then another tree succeeds that tree. It goes on and on. The red oak tree succeeded the white pine tree. Then the beech tree succeeded the red oak tree. They succeeded each other because the previous tree died. The previous tree died because it didn’t have enough sunlight.

Change over time
The forest is always changing over time. Trees will grow and then die. Its seeds will grow, and then they will die. Trees will die, and then others will grow in its place. If a species of trees changed, a species of animals would change. The animals wouldn’t be used to the new food and shelter.

If people were going to chop down a whole forest it would need to be an ethical reason. If someone were going to cut down a forest for no reason, it wouldn’t be an ethical reason. If someone was going to cut down a tree and use the wood for cabins, so people could have homes to live in,that would be an ethical reason

Different Points of View
All the animals have different points of view. A worm will have a different point of view than a hawk. The worm will think of a forest as dangerous place. Birds will want to eat it, and other animals would step on the worm. The hawk will think the forest is a beautiful place. The hawk is a top predator and nothing can really step on it and hurt it or eat the hawk.

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