Elbert Frank Cox
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Elbert Frank Cox
Description: Elbert Frank Cox
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Personal Information
-Elberts parents are Eugenld Talbot is his mother and Johnson Cox his father.
- He is African American
-Born December 8,1895 in Evansville, Indiana USA
-Died November 28,1969 in Washington,D.C, USA
- Married on September 1927 to Beula D. Kauman
-Elberts wife was a daughter of a former slave
-They had 4 children; James,Eugene,Kenneth and Elbert Jr. Cox
- Kenneth was born January 1935 sadly he died at the age of 17 months.

-Cox enjoyed playing the Violin
-He grew up with two brothers
-Also he grew up living with his parents and grandmother too
-His elementary school he went to was a segregated school
-During his childhood there was a very serious race riot happened in 1903, with eleven deaths and fifty wounded because of this many blacks left the city
-Cox\'s family stayed for Elbert\'s education

-For College Elbert went to Evansvlle College in Indiana
-Cox took his courses in Evansville College
-Imperial University in Sandal

-He became the first African American to receive a degree in pure mathematics
-Cox received a scholarship and entered Cornell in September 1922
-In 1924 he was awarded a Erastus Brooke Fellowship
-Cox was appointed as professor of physics at West Virginia State College
-Cox\' portrait hangs in Howard University\'s common room
-He was headed a specialist army training program from 1943 to 1945

-During the years of World War 2, he taught engineering science and war management from 1942 to 1944
-He became an instructor of mathematics at High School in Henderson,Kentucky in 1920
-Cox was a teacher at Alves Street school and taught mathematics and physics
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