Alan Turing
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Fascinations: Alan Turing
Description: Fascinations: Alan Turing
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Alan Mathison Turing (Born in Maida Vale- June 23rd 1912. Died in Wilmslow Cheshire- June 7th, 1954.)

Turing studied mathematics at Cambridge University, and subsequently taught there, working in the burgeoning World of Quantum Mechanics. In 1934 he graduated with an outstanding degree in mathematics. In 1936, he went to Princeton University in America, he later returned to England in 1938.

Alan Turing was a British mathematician , cryptographer, and computer scientist. (Unable to find the dates and employers). During his school life, however, he was a runner.

Alan was awarded an OBE for his wartime services - He was awarded the OBE in 1945 for services to the country in wartime, despite the fact that most of what he did would not be made public for another 30 years. Alan Turing\'s war work is believed to have shortened the war - Many people, including Winston Churchill, claimed that Turing\'s work shortened the Second World War by at least two years.

Turing secretly worked part-time for the British Cryptanalytic Department, Government Code, and went Cypher school.

~He developed a concept known as the Turing Machine which states that automatic computation cannot solve all mathematical problems.
~Alan Turing was a homosexual, and in that time it was a felony. To avoid prison, he accepted injections of oestrogen for a year, which were intended to neutralize his libido (cancel out his sexual instinct). In the sixth grade, he fell in love with a boy by the name of Christopher Morcom, and was prosecuted
~He worked on several pioneering projects for computers after the war, he developed instruction sets and programs whose descendants are found today in the latest computer microprocessors. This brought a whole new meaning to code.
~Our mixed ages of 14, 14, and 13 add up to the age he died, at the age of 41
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