Hades: The Greek god of death and dead
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Hades With Cerberus
Description: Hades With Cerberus
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One of Hades symbols is his helmet because it helps him stay invisible. Another one of his symbols is his three- headed dog Cerberus.

Pop Culture:
Hades appears in the movie Hercules. He is one of the main antagonists in the Disney movie.
Hades also appears in the movie wrath of the Titians, he tries to destroy his brother Zeus in the underworld.
Parents: Cronus is the Father, Rhea is the mother.
Siblings: His two brothers Zeus and Poseidon And his three sisters Hera, Hestia, Demeter
Hades was very desperate for a wife. So he asked his brother Zeus to let him marry on of his daughters. Zeus offered him Persephone; she is the daughter of Demeter. Hades knew that Demeter would never let her daughter Persephone marry Hades. So Hades decided to kidnap Persephone. When Demeter found out that her daughter was kidnap by Hades, she was mad and she caused a great big dearth on the earth until her daughter was returned back to her. Zeus could not let mankind get whipped out so he had to go get Persephone back from hades but she was forced to return to Hades for a few times each year.
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