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Mars is the Roman god of WAR, as where Ares is the Greek. Mars was the son of the roman god Jupiter (King of the gods) and Juno (Goddess of birth and marriage).Not a lot of people really liked mars but the Goddess Venus. He was well respected among the romans for two reasons, one because he was the son of the ruler of the roman gods and two because he was very intelligent. Mars him self is well known a fierce warrior probably the best ever, several animals have been dedicated to mars, because they best suit is needs, such as the Wolf for their greed and swift sight, the horse for their energy and the dogs for their awareness. Mars was a common enemy of the Minerva the goddess of battle strategy and wisdom. He has been known to carry and wear different things, in some cases Mars has a helmet, sword, spear and a shield, in other cases he has been known to be both with and without a beard, and naked. His use of transportation is said to be an chariot with being lead by violent horses. In Roman mythology if there was no Mars then there would be no empires for Romans, no popes and no roman Catholics. Mars also has a chocolate bar named after him.
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