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**********Note to Students- Date: 3/14

Extra Credit Opportunity due Monday or Tuesday, 3/16,17.

Choose up to two questions from the Anthem Socratic Seminar list of questions and answer them in complete sentences (min. one paragraph= 11-17 sentences). Up to ten extra credit points possible. Find the list of questions on new website:


Many of you have not turned in the signed 2nd semester syllabus. Please do so, ASAP.


1. Assignments are due in class on the due date. Printer issues will not be an excused late. Students will not be permitted to leave class to print an assignment that is due at that time. (Suggestion: Plan ahead. Print your assignment one day early!)

2. A proper heading is required on all work turned in. Points will be deducted for lack of proper heading. A proper heading consists of student’s name, day and class period, due date of assignment, and the name of the assignment.

3. Late work will not earn points and will not be responded to. Late work should be kept in student’s file for review at the end of the semester for possible consideration for grade increase. It is student’s responsibility to keep all late work and all returned work. Files are in classroom.

4. If you were absent on a due date: Work should be turned in immediately upon your return with “ABSENT” clearly labeled on the top of your work. Late work for unexcused absences will not be accepted.

5. REQUIRED: Minimum weekly check of Mrs. Wagner’s website. Check the calendar, which changes frequently due to interruptions in the schedule and students’ needs. Sometimes, I will need to send you a message or a reminder. This will be posted on the ENGLISH 10 home page. Check the current assignments, and review class notes on-line. Practice grammar exercises on the Grammar link. If you do not have a computer at home, plan to spend fifteen minutes a week in the library where computer access is readily available in the morning and after school. Address of ENGLISH 10 home page: http://poster.4teachers.org/worksheet/view.php?ID=122087

6. You will be assessed weekly on participation. Participation consists of: bringing materials to class, asking on-task questions, being respectful of others, focusing on lessons, working on starter when the bell rings, etc. (See Scoring Guide). Any outstanding late library books (such as LOTF!) unreturned, will cause you to earn a ZERO in participation points for that week.

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I have read Mrs. Wagner’s Second Semester Expectations and I understand the responsibilities involved.

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