How Do Pumpkins Grow?



How Do Pumpkins Grow?

Linda Schambach, St. Philip Neri School
Evie Vollenweider, St. Philip Neri School

The students will learn the stages of pumpkin growth through the use of book, internet sites and hands on activities.

Grade level: Pre-Kindergarten

What do you need to grow a pumpkin? Where do pumpkins grow? What happens to pumpkins after they get old?

Students will be able to place pictures of pumpkin stages in the correct order.

Students will draw a picture of a pumpkin using the Paint Program.

Books on pumpkins
Worksheet showing stages of pumpkin growth
Internet site
MS Paint Program

Student Activity
As an introduction students will listen to a story on pumpkins. In the computer lab students will view the internet site Students will then go to individual computers and click on the links in order to view the stages of pumpkin growth. Then students will use the MS Paint Program to draw a pumpkin. Using the worksheet students will cut out pictures and place in order for the stages of pumpkin growth.

Extension Activity
1. Students will be given 2 pumpkin cut outs in which real seeds will be glued inside. Orange yarn can also be glued inside to be the “pulp”.

2. A real pumpkin will be carved so students can see the seeds and pulp inside. Students will also observe what happens as the pumpkin deteriorates into “mush”. Digital pictures will be taken of students looking at the seeds and pulp and as the pumpkin deteriorates. These pictures will be shown on the computer.

Assessment (pre/post test)
Content Assessment
Each student will be asked the following questions orally.
1. What do you need to start a pumpkin growing?
2. Where do pumpkins grow?
3. What happens when the pumpkin becomes old?

Students will place stages of pumpkin growth in the correct order.

Technology Assessment
Students will be given a sheet with a picture of the paint screen and asked to do the following:
1. With your blue crayon circle the paint brush.
2. With your green crayon circle the eraser.
3. With your red crayon circle the paint can.
4. With your purple crayon circle the paint palette.

Teacher Guide

Time required: two 45-minute class periods

Grade level: Pre-kindergarten

Background information:

Where to find materials: library, computer with Internet access, grocery store, and teacher resource book

Standards Covered:
Content: LS-E-A1, LS-E-A3, LS-E-B1

Students use technology tools to enhance learning, increase productivity, and promote creativity

Students use appropriate technology to locate, evaluate, and collect information from a variety of sources


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