Career Passport




WHAT IS THE CAREER PASSPORT? You’ve just been handed a lovely, burgundy, leather-look binder. Inside you find a letter of introduction for your Career Passport and a number of page protectors –with empty pockets! “What is this? What am I supposed to do with it?” you may ask. It’s your Career Passport, a state mandated project, and Ohio employers will expect you to have it. This site will guide you through the process of revising the project you began in the WCHS Career Development class.

WHAT DO I INCLUDE IN THE PASSPORT? The Amended House Bill 117 requires students to complete three components: - a resume or personal data sheet - an essay entitled “Career Narrative” - an essay entitled “Verification of Employability Skills.” It is recommended that you include letters of recommendation from an employer, teacher, or other adult that knows you well. Finally, you should have a copy of the school profile, an academic transcript, and an attendance record. These are available upon request in the the Guidance Office.

WHAT WILL I DO WITH A CAREER PASSPORT?This portfolio will provide perspective employers or admission officers an overview of your abilities, interests, accomplishments, and goals. You should prepare the Passport with these audiences in mind and should continue to review and revise the resume or essays as needed. All pieces of the Passport should be specific, complete, accurate, and grammatically correct.

HOW DO I BEGIN? First, revisit your online career portfolio website at The Career Passport templates you created in your Sophomore Career Development class are still there. Then, use the links on the left of this page to help you complete each section of your Career Passport.


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