Mark Twain
Colour is not a problem in Huck and Jim's friendship



Welcome to this page where you can learn many things about Huck Finn and Mark Twain.

Surf the links to answer the following questions:

1- Huck travels along one river in the novel. Give the name of that river

2- How old is Huckleberry Finn in the novel?

3- How did Huck and Jim travel along the river?

4- Look up in a dictionary the definition of "satire," because that is the purpose of much of the language in Mark Twain's novel.

5- Name the main characters of the novel Huckleberry Finn

6- When and where was Mark Twain born?

7- What was his job?

8- What was his real name?

9- Name his most important novels

Final task:

Twain attacks slavery, racism, hypocrisy, and injustice during one of the most shameful and embarrassing periods in American history. After surfing those pages, write a composition (100 words) telling your ideas about the same topics.


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