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Every country around the world has its own unique culture and history. Your job is to do research and present some of the key influences of a Spanish-speaking country’s culture and history. For example, major influences of U.S. history may include George Washington, Rosa Parks, The Boston Tea Party, or the Revolutionary War. The Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, 9/11, Madonna and Coco Crisp are big parts of our culture. Your final product should be very personalized for the country you are researching and your own interests.

Goals and Objectives

What people or things influenced the country's history and culture?

Task and Assessment

  1. Select a country to research.

    Browse the links that I have provided for you and look for information and pictures that interest you. Be sure to save everything, even if you don’t know if it will be useful. I recommend coping and pasting all URLs into a Word Document and typing a brief note about the site. This will help you make your bibliography later.

  2. Put it all together!

    Use PowerPoint to create a slideshow about the country. It is a good idea to focus first on what you want to say and then jazz it up with pictures. You must include:

    • A title slide with your name and the name of the project.
      (5 points)
    • A basic facts slide about the country. This may include any important information about your country, such as the capital, the flag, religion, population, etc…
      (10 points)
    • Five or more slides about the influencers you have chosen. Include at least two about people (1 must be historical) and at least one about a place, thing, or event. The other two are your choice. You must have at least five influencers but they may be multiple slides.
      (15 points each)
    • A bibliography slide including the the specific URL where you found your information and pictures. “Google” does not cut it!
      (10 points)
      Use this format:
      Who2, LLC. Eva Perón: A Who2 Profile. {online} Available: http://www.who2.com/evaperon.html, May 24, 2006
    • EXTRA CREDIT: An autobiographical “about the author” slide.
      (15 points)

    Each slide will be will be graded according to grammar, spelling, and overall attractiveness.



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