Learn about how earthquakes are formed and measured.



Use the links on the left to answer the questions below.

1. What machine do scientists use to measure earthquakes?

2. What is the difference between a P & S wave?

3. What method is used for determining where an earthquake begins?

4. What do you call the location where an earthquake happens?

5. What was the magnitude of the largest earthquake ever recorded? Where did it occur?

6. What is the greatest mountain range?

7. From 1975-1995, what were the only four states that did not experience any earthquakes?

8. Have there been any earthquakes today in California? Where were they? List the location (nearest city) of the earthquakes that occurred in the last hour.

9. What is SCIGN? Why is it important?

10. Where is the highest probablity that an earthquake will occur in the future?


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