Learning Styles Lesson Plan

What is your learning style?



Lesson Plan

Teacher: Rachel McDonald-Schneider

Subject Area: Career and Life Planning

Grade Level: Ninth Grade

Lesson Title: Learning Styles:

Standards of Learning Correlation:

Standard 3.2 Learning Strategies
Students assess how they learn best, and use additional learning strategies to supplement those already used.

Standard 3.16 Transitional Planning
Students develop a plan for current and continued education and training to meet personal and career goals.
f. Assesses personal strengths and weaknesses as they relate to career exploration and development.


1. Students will learn about the seven styles of learning.
2. Students will discover their own learning style.
3. Students will learn how to use their learning style to achieve their optimum potential in school and work.

Needed Materials:

1. Learning Styles Inventory
2. Learning Styles Chart
3. Learning Styles Quiz

Key Vocabulary:

1. Learning Style
2. Linguistic
3. Kinesthetic
4. Interpersonal
5. Spatial
6. Musical
7. Intrapersonal
8. Logical

Anticipatory Set: Class discussion about the ways we learn best. Teacher will give students some examples of educational situations, and how they might appeal to different students, due to varying learning styles. Teacher will ask students to discuss good and bad learning experiences.

Main Activity:

1. Learning Styles Inventory
2. Seven Learning Styles Chart
3. Follow up Discussion

Student Assessment/Evaluation:

1. Learning Style Quiz


1. Review graded quizzes with students.


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