Question...is an Englishman who takes a bath every day very clean or very dirty?



It is something crucial when we study a new language to know about the culture, traditions, habits, feasts, etc. of the target language's country.
It is precisely with this aim that I have created this page: to analise some important and traditional elements and symbols of the British culture, so that we can contribute to the reader's creation of a global vision about the culture, eliminating stereotypes and preconceived ideas.

 THE ENGLISH TRANSPORT: Which are the main means of transport in England? Which is the most used one? How are the typical English buses? Which are the most important transport companies?

 ENGLISH PUBS: Why are they an institution in Britain? Do they serve food? What time do they close? Which are the most famous pubs in the United Kingdom?

 FLAGS & FEASTS: Do you know something about the English flag? How is it called? How about the United Kingdom's flag? Which are the most typical feasts in England and how do English people celebrate them?

 POLICE & BEEFEATERS: How do we call the London police force? Who are the beefeaters?

 MOMUMENTS: Provide a list with the London most characteristics monuments to visit.

 FOOD: What type of food do we find if we travel to England? What is the most popular meal? Can you tell me anything about the typical English breakfast?


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