Education is an important part of British life. There are many schools, colleges and universities, including some of the most famous in the world.
There are approximately 29,000 state schools in Britain, 2,000 schools for students with special needs and 2,400 independent schools.
There are about 9.5 million students, and about 6-7 % are in independent schools.
71% of the students continue to study after school.

Read the texts in the links and do the activities below.


1. What is the difference between public and state schools?
2. What types of schools are there in England?
3. What is the difference among them?
4. Is school compulsory? When can students leave school?
5. Do students wear uniforms at school?
6. What tests do they do?
7. What subjects do they have?
8. What time do they start and finish school?
9. When do they have holidays?
10. Name three famous schools in England.

Read about a school day in England, and write a text about your daily life at your school.


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