Shoe Magic Literature Study
Magical shoes help dreams come true!

Dreamers and Doers Will Find Inspiration in Shoe Magic!


Do you dream often? Do you dream about your future? Do you have dreams waiting to wake up? Whatever you do… Wherever you go…Whoever you grow up to be depends on the steps you take. In taking steps, shoes become a vital part. Toe shoes can point to a career in dancing…Sandals conjure warm-weather pleasures…Sturdy work boots can hold one steady once they are ready to fix the world.

In this unit Shoe Magic you will research the history of shoes. Various reading skills and strategies to understand and interpret a genre of literature, poetry, will be explored. Writing activities, problem solving activities, creative and critical thinking activities make up the enrichment of the unit.

Curriculum and learning objectives that are addressed in this unit include:

*The Learner Will use traits,ideas, organization, voice, and word choice to write and revise.
*The Learner Will write in different modes with little assistance.
*The Learner Will use research skills that are part of the Gifted and Talented Curriculum framework.
*The Learner Will use the Habit of the Mind--Being innovative and creative.

The links at the bottom will assist you in exploring all the facets of our learning process and how we are going to use the book Shoe Magic by Nikki Grimes to make all the necessary connections to everyday life and dreams of the future.



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