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Generally speaking when we think of frogs we picture more than 400 species. As they are sensitive to environmental changes, if we find them in the evironment, they are a sign of a well balanced ecosystem. Frogs have been on the earth for 190 million years. They can be found where there's fresh water, from the desert or the north Arctic, on all continents except Antarctica. They have been associated with weather and with good or bad fortune in a lot of cultures

“If you want to know and learn more about frogs, click and answer the following questions."

1. What is an amphibian?
2. How do you know a frog is poisonous? Name three poisonous frogs.
3. What myths are associated to frogs?
4. Where in the world are desert frogs located?
5. Where is a frog city found?
6. Watch the image and explain how animals use camouflage.


What do you think we can do to start an environmental club in your school?
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