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Instructions for logging onto the online textbook:
1. Access the website go.hrw.com (or click the link in the right column of my web page)
2. Click the "Social Studies" button (left side)
3. Click "Holt Online learning- online textbook" (middle of the page)
4. Enter the username: kcloak20 and password: s9f3p
5. Select either the Eastern or Western World textbook.

7th Grade 2017-18 Year At A Glance:
The Age of Exploration
The Age of Colonization
Absolutism & Enlightenment
Age of Revolutions
Industrialism, Nationalism, Imperialism
WWI and the Russian Revolution
Interwar Period and WWII
The Cold War
New Nations Emerge
Human Rights & Globalization
The World Today/Current Events

Grading Weight:
Assessment 45%
Classwork/Participation/Homework 35%
Learning Extension 20%

1. Click on the link to the right.
2. Enter the following:
username: wikiuser0001
password: seal9banana
3. The Pages & Files tab should be up.
4. Click on the Unit Folder.
5. Open the file you need.
6. Click on the Download tab at the top.
7. Click Open to view the file.
8. Log out when finished.



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