Let’s try and find out relevant information about the Queen of the United Kingdom, Elizabeth II. You’ll find the answer to the following questions on the given links or any other websites you can find.
1. What’s her full name?
2. When and where was she born?
3. Who is she married to?
4. How many sons and daughters has she got?
5. What are her parents’ names?
6. who was the Prime Minister when she became the Queen?
7. How many countries are under her crown?
8. What’s her official residence in London?
9. What other positions does she hold ?
10. Who is the second authority of the Church of England?
11. In 2002 Queen Elizabeth celebrated the Golden Jubilee, what’s that?
12. How many years did Queen Victoria reign over the UK?
13. How did Queen Elizabeth celebrate her 80th birthday?
14. What’s the Queen’s nickname a journalist used?
15. Find a funny anecdote that happened to Queen Elizabeth when visiting an African country.


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