Before watching the film, try and get some useful information on it



Look for the following information. Use the links on the right.

1. Name at least 6 names from the cast and their corresponding character in the film and the soundtrack composer's name.

2. How many awards did the film get?

3. What is the date of the first projection? Where was it on?

4. When was it shown in Spain for the first time?

5. Do a very brief summary of the plot?

6. Write five keywords related to the plot.

7. Search for the following information about WILLIAM WALLACE:
Date and place of birth and death.
How he died.
His importance in the Scottish History.

8. What is a thistle?

9. What is the thistle's relation to Scotland?
(Read the legend and you'll see why)

10. What is the Prime Nocte (Primae Noctis?

11. Search for the following information about Scotland:
Capital city.
Description of the flag. (Is it part of another?)
Its area and population.
Motto of Scotland.
When it became part of Britain.
Official and recognized languages.
Who was Robert the Bruce? (Medieval Scotland).

FINAL TASK: write a review on the film clicking the appropriate link on the right.



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