New York, New York!
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The City That Never Sleeps


New York is the most famous city in the world and the largest city in the United States. It would take a lifetime to see everything New York offers: excellent architecture, extraordinary theatre district, fashion and art influence, renowned museums, finance centre, eclectic population, etc.

1.- Why is New York city called the “Big Apple”?

2.- Do you think that New York is or has ever been the capital of the United States?

3.- New York is divided in five different boroughs. What are their names and main characteristics?

4.- What is the population of New York?

5.- How many languages are spoken in the city?

6.- What is the highest building of the city?

7.- What is the “skyline”?

8.- Where does the Statue of Liberty come from?

9.- Who is the current mayor of New York city?

10.- What is the length of Central Park?

FINAL TASK: Imagine that you only have one single day to visit New York city. Choose five places you would like to visit and give the reasons why.


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