Jesus Christ Superstar. The Musical

Main facts about one of the best musicals ever done


Look for the following information about the musical:

1. Music composer’s and lyrics composer’s name, date of birth and nationality.
2. What other musicals did these composers work together (Use the lyrics composer link?
3. Name two other important works by Andrew Lloyd Webber. One is related to the opera; the other is related to a pet animal.

4. Choose the correct option:
In Jesus Christ Superstar, the main character is: Jesus / Judas
In the story, the conflict between Jesus and Judas is: religious / political / business

5. What year was the album Jesus Christ Superstar first launched?
6. On the original British album, who sang as Jesus? What famous group would he join later?

7. What date and where was the first Broadway’s performance? Where was the theatre located? (Use the link in the text)
8. When was it performed in England and where?

9. Why did the work become controversial among some religious communities?

In the 1997 revival, Steve Balsamo played the role of Jesus:
10. Where was he born?
11. How much ticket money was sold after his performance on TV?
12. What classical rock groups have influenced his own, The Storys?

13. When did the theatre play become a film?
14. Who starred in the film?
15. What country was it filmed?
16. Who starred the 2000 film version?
17. Name two other well-known works in which Glenn carter takes part?

18. How many awards did the play win in 1972? What award did it get the 2000 version?
19. Which actor received two awards in 1972? What other famous musical did he take part in the late 60s?

20. When and where were the first and latest productions of the Spanish versions?

21. Do a comprehensible reading of the lyrics of the following songs:
Damned for All Time/Blood Money (Judas)
Gethsemane (I only want to Say) (Jesus)

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