The English-speaking World



You may know a little bit of English, but how much do you know about English-speaking countries? How much about their geography, history or culture? By trying to answer these questions you will become aware that there are many other things that are also part of learning a language.

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1) How many countries are there in the Commonwealth?
2) Which of the following people have been Presidents of the USA?
a) Richard Nixon b) Robert Kennedy
c) D. Eisenhower d) Abraham Lincoln
3) What is celebrated in the festival of Hogmanay? Where?
4) Which plant is the national symbol of Canada?
5) Which Australian landmark is known as Uluru?
6) Some of these well-known people are Irish? Do you know which?
a) Sean Connery b) Oscar Wilde c) Bono d) Pierce Brosnan
7) Where is Malta?
8) How do you say “biscuit” in American English?
9) Which is the capital of Wales?
10) Who wrote “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”? When was it written?



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