Glasgow, Scotland with Style.
Glasgow at Night by Kenny Muir




We are going to visit the beautiful city of Glasgow. We’ve been talking about Edinburgh in class this year and now I’d like you to visit (at least virtually) the other most important Scottish city, Glasgow.
Glasgow is full of life, full of interesting museums, full of friendly people and full of pubs! Click on the link "See Glasgow" to watch a video with a sample of the most striking views of this nice city.
Your task is to find a few things about Glasgow in pairs:
1.- Name the most important shopping streets in Glasgow.
2.- Choose one of Mackintosh works and explain why it is worth a visit.
3.- What is “The Old Firm”?
4.- Pick up one of the “star items” in the Hunterian Museum and explain your interest.
5.- The West End. What is it?
You need to e-mail me the answers to these four questions, an e-mail per pair.

Let your imagination fly - you spent a whole month in Glasgow last summer. Tell us everything about your stay: the places you visited, the beer you drank, the things you bought, the pubs you attended, the Glaswegians you met, the concerts you went to with your friends… How many times did you bump into a street bagpiper and listened to his music? How many and what colour were the kilts you had the opportunity to indiscreetly stare at? You need to write, in pairs, a two hundred words composition, to be added as a post to our blog. Please, be original with the title you give to the text.

- Accurate answers to the questions.
- Harmonious pair work.
- Grammar mistakes.
- Accurate use of simple past/past continuous.
- The more realistic the description of your visit is, the better.
- Appealing and enthusiastic presentation of Glasgow.

Thank you to Carol and Judith for so enthusiastically introducing Glasgow to us, visitors.
Thanks to the "Grupo de Espanoles" as well.

Enjoy your visit!!!


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