Two days in Rome!



This coming May we are going to visit our friends from the Liceo Dante in Napoli. After their stay in Madrid last Christmas, we are all really looking forward about seeing each other again. But, since we may have a stop in Rome in our flight to Napoli, we are considering the possibility of spending there a couple of days… Rome is such a beautiful city! Let’s go work together to organize our visit to the Eternal city.

We are going to divide the class into three groups. Each of them must complete one of the following tasks. Please, use the links to find the required information. If all of us work well, we are going to collect a lot of information in very little time. At the end, depending of the results, we can make up our mind about managing a quick getaway to Rome.

Task 1: Compare prices between direct flights Madrid-Napoli and one-stop flights Madrid-Rome-Napoli. We are leaving on May 1st and coming back on May 8th.We should leave Rome the latest, the best on May 2nd to get the most out of our time. On the way back home, we’ll flight Napoli-Madrid directly.

Task 2: Look for a place to sleep in Rome one night. You have to look for a convenient place: cheap, but clean and well situated (not far from the centre of the city). We may use double or multiple rooms. Date of arrival: May 1st.

Task 3: Locate in a map of Rome the following places to visit the day of our arrival: Pantheon, Colosseo, Ghetto, Il Gesù, Piazza Spagna and Fontana di Trevi. Depending of their situation in the map, organize a possible walking tour.

On our second and last day in Rome, we´ll visit the Vatican and Trastevere, but it is my duty the organization of this day.

Good luck!



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