Let's visit Amsterdam together

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Lucky devil!
Soon your I.E.S. Valdemorillo class and you will be travelling to Holland, where you will be visiting Amsterdam and the small towns of Volendam and Marken.

You will be spending three days there to enjoy and discover the city, its people and its culture.

Have a look at the following questions , select eight and find the information recquired using the provided links. You may want to work in pairs.

1. True or false?
"Holland and The Netherlands are the same places.”
“Tulips came originally from Holland”.
“ Half of the country is below sea level.”
“ The Dutch are the tallest people in Europe”.
“Holland produces more than half of the world’s commercially grown flowers”.
“The Netherlands is 6.7 metres below sea level at its lowest point."
“Amsterdam is built entirely on poles”.
Find three more curious facts about Amsterdam or Holland.

2. What is a polder? Why are they so important in The Netherlands?

3. How many bridges are there in Amsterdam? How many boathouses? How many bikes?

4. Whose is Holland’s most famous diary? This diary played the role of an imaginary friend. What was her name? How old was the person who wrote it? What is written in the diary? How many people were living in the “hiding place"?. Explore the author’s “Hiding Place” and name 10 objects you can see in Peter’s room.

5. What are the opening hours of the Van Gogh Museum? How much does it cost to get in? How many paintings did Van Gogh paint during his life? What can you tell me about his work called “Butterflies and Poppies”, which is shown at the Permanent Collection?

6. You will be staying at the Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark hotel. Where is it? What does it look like? Do you have to bring your own towels?

7. Who was Beguine Cornelia Arents? What’s her story? How did the pious women live at the Begijnhof?

8. Name three things you can do with the “I Amsterdam card". How much does it cost for a 24-hour use?

9. What is a Pizza Cruise? When and where from does it depart?

10. When was the diamond trade introduced in Amsterdam? Why did the city stop being one of the most important diamond centers?

11. Where does Holland most famous pottery come from? Browse for gifts. Design your own plate in Holland Shop. What message did you write? Share with the class.

12. How much does it cost to send a card to my relatives?

13. What is NEMO? What does nemo mean?

14. Where can we experience the Bottle Ride? What does it consist of?

15. Find five traditional icons that one can use to represent Holland in a poster. You must include a flower, something to eat, a means of transport, some footwear and a Spanish invention run by wind and useful to produce flour.

16. The French have a saying that goes: ”God created the world but the Ducth made Holland”. What does it refer to? What is the most distinctive characteristic about Holland in general and Amsterdam in particular in relation to water?


OPTION A- Talk for 10 minutes about...Amsterdam. You will have to tell the class about some of your findings using the information you’ve gathered.You might want to use a power point presentation, a hand-made poster or other postcards and photographs. A handout will be accepted.

OPTION B- During your trip you might have a free afternoon to explore the city and discover its wonders. Plan your activities and decide what you want to visit or do, how, when and how much it will cost you.



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