Unit Overview - Ratios and Proportions
  A Web-Based Unit for 7th Grade Math Students



Goal of Unit: In this unit, the learner will have multiple opportunities to practice new concepts from Chapter Seven entitled Ratios and Proportions in the textbook Mathematics: Applications and Concepts Course 2. The learner will work outside of class in a setting that he or she is highly accustomed to, using the Internet. By the end of the unit, the learner will solve problems involving ratios, rates, proportions and percents through the use of technology.

Objectives: This unit consists of several key objectives. The first objective is for students to write ratios as fractions and determine equivalencies among two ratios. To prepare students for simplifying ratios, students will have the opportunity practice and polish their division skills at Demolition Division, an Altec site. This site will also help students as they learn to find unit rates because one must divide in order to solve unit rate problems. As mentioned then, students will learn how to find unit rates and show the difference between ratios and rates. Next, students will learn how to solve proportions and then apply that knowledge to problems involving scales. As an extension from a previous unit, students will convert between fractions and percents of greater difficulty. Lastly, students will solve problems using the percent proportion, which will require them to correctly set up proportions.

Standards: The following Nebraska Mathematics Standards for Grade 8 are addressed in this unit:
8.1.2 By the end of eighth grade, students will apply relationships between fractions, decimals and percents in a variety of situations. More specifically, students will find equivalencies among fractions, decimals and percents.

8.2.3 By the end of eighth grade, students will solve problems involving whole numbers, integers and rational numbers (fractions, decimals, ratios, proportions and percents) with and without the use of technology.

Directions: As students study proportions and percents in more depth, they will work through a variety of activities. These activities will prepare students for the summative test over the unit. The course calendar will keep students updated on the lessons taught in class, along with the activities that students need to complete. I have links to the following activities: the track, a Livetext lesson, an Altec site called Demolition Division, three Quia activities, a rate worksheet, a proportion worksheet, a midchapter quiz, a conversion worksheet, a percent proportion worksheet, a quiz review, and a final unit quiz and rubric.

The track consists of six sites that cover ratios, rates, proportions, scales, conversions and percent proportions. Each site has lessons and activities on the concepts from the unit. Prior to going through the track, students will need to look at both the Livetext lesson and division skill builder. The Livetext lesson provides an overview of the unit and briefly touches on the main concepts taught in the unit. The division skill builder provides an engaging activity for students to practice their division skills. This will serve as a lead into ratios and rates. The three Quia activities review unit rates, proportions, and conversions among, percents, fractions and decimals. The worksheets also review these concepts in addition to percent proportions. The unit is broken up into two parts. Thus, a midchapter quiz and final chapter quiz are used to assess students' understanding of the unit concepts. Feel free to check this site and links when you are absent from school. Email me if you have any questions as you progress through the unit. Good luck!


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