Study of the Titanic

A Voyage Through History


Take a voyage back in history and learn about one of the most famous ships that ever sailed. Learn more about the Titanic as you use your internet skills to answer the following questions. Take your time and read carefully!

1. What does "RMS" in RMS Titanic stand for?

2. Was the Titanic a U. S. or British ship?

3. Who was James Piermont Morgan?

4. How long did it take to build the Titanic? How much did it cost to build the ship in 1912?

5. How many shipbuilders did it take to build the Titanic?

6. What was the length and beam (width) of the Titanic?

7. How much did the Titanic weigh (gross tonnage)?

8. How many funnels (smokestacks) did the Titanic have? What were they used for?

9. How many decks did the Titanic have?

10. How many boilers did the Titanic have? How much coal did the Titanic need each day?

11. How many propellers did the Titanic have?

12. How many lifeboats did the Titanic have?

13. What were three types of lifeboats found on the Titanic? How many passengers did each type hold?

14. What was the date that the Titanic began her maiden voyage?

15. From where did the Titanic depart (leave)?

16. Where was the Titanic supposed to land (arrive)?

17. How many passengers sailed on the Titanic? How many were first class? Second class? Third class?

18. How many crew members were there?

19. How much did a first class parlor ticket cost in 1912? What would that ticket cost today?

20. What did a second class ticket cost in 1912? What would it cost today?

21. What did a third class ticket cost in 1912? What would it coast today?

22. What caused the Titanic to sink?

23. What is an iceberg?

24. How much bulk of an iceberg is underwater?

25. How old was the iceberg that the Titanic struck?

26. How big was the iceberg that the Titanic hit?

27. How many warnings did the Titanic receive about the icebergs?

28. What was the name of the first rescue ship to reach the site of the sinking?

29. How long did it take the Titanic to sink?

30. How many survivors reached New York?

31. How many people died when the Titanic sank?

32. Who found the wreckage of the Titanic?
(Scroll down to the "Rediscovery" section.)

33. When was the wreckage found?

34. Where is the wreckage of the Titanic located?

35. How far down is the wreckage?



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