Living with Down Syndrome
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Write a one paragraph response for each of the following sites. Use the questions given as a guide. Feel free to include any additional information you want. You may either turn this in with a hard copy (hand written or typed) or you may e-mail it to me at

Site 1-Living with Down Syndrome

Compare Punky's life to the information given in this site. In the beginning, would you call Punky's life productive? How does this change toward the end?

Site 2-Emily the Perfect Down Sydrome Child

Imagine how you would feel as parent living with a child who has Down Syndrome. How would your life change? How would it feel to hear that your baby has this disease?

Site 3-Children Living with Down Syndrome

How do the children in this video compare to you? What advantages do these children have over you? What advantages do you have?



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