Being a Good Citizen Track Worksheet #2

Use the links in the track to answer the questions below.


1. Let’s Be Good Citizens at School!

Think about the ways you are to be a good citizen at school right now. How do they compare to when this movie was made? Fill out the compare/contrast chart below by listing things that happen now and things that happened in the past. Finally, fill in the section of the chart labeled “the same” with ways to be a good citizen that haven’t changed.

Things That Happen Now Things That Happened in the Past

The Same

2. Kids Next Door-HUD

Visit the three areas listed in the track. Describe something you did in each of the areas that will help to make you a better citizen in your neighborhood.




3. Kids in the Courtroom

After reading the true FBI case. How do you think this story has anything to do with citizenship? Do you think the neighborhood bullies were good citizens? Why or why not? What could they have done differently? Write a short answer response with at least 4 sentences.

4. Project Citizen

These rules were created by a teacher from a different school. Do you think they are good rules for helping students to be good citizens at school? Why or why not?

How is being a good citizen as a student different from being a good citizen as an adult?



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