Henry VIII's Women



King Henry VIII was a very well-known womaniser. He married six times, but in fact, he had many lovers during his life. Two of them were sisters: Mary and Anne Boleyn. One of them was Queen for three years and the mother of Elizabeth I. The other had previously been the mistress. This situation caused strains in the family and in the kingdom.


1. Summarise the lives of the two sisters
2. How do we know about Mary Boleyn?
3. What is the legend sorrounding Anne Boleyn?
4. What are the order of Henry VIIIís wives?
5. How did each of the six wives die?
6. How many children did Henry VIII have?
7. How did they succeed to the throne?
8. What is remarkable about Henry VIIIís life and reign?
9. Find information and pictures about Henry VIIIís palace, Hampton Court.
10. Go to the official website of the movie ďThe Other Boleyn GirlĒ and find more information about the king and his mistresses.


Life in Henry VIIIís court could be everything but boring. Imagine one day of your life if you were a noble in his court.



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