Experiencing India's Caste System




Every civilization has a social structure. But, did you know that in Ancient India, people were born into their social position in life? Now imagine you can travel back in time to this ancient civilization. You will experience India's caste system with online discovery, and games.

Reincarnation is at hand, which caste will you be born into?

"When they divided Purusa, how many ways did they apportion him? What was his mouth? What were his arms? What were his thighs, his feet declared to be? His mouth was the Brahmin [caste], his arms were the Rajanaya [Kshatriya caste], his thighs the Vaishya [caste]; from his feet the Shudra [caste] was born."
--Rig Veda concerning the origin of the members of the Caste System

Step 1:
Review the link on The Beginnings of the Caste System.
Review the link on The Caste System and Stages of Life in Hinduism.
Review the Glossary link.

Step 2:
Complete the worksheet titled, Experiencing India’s Caste System using the links above.

Step 3:
Take the Caste Quiz.

Step 4:
Create a journal entry as person from one of the castes. You must complete the Journal Entry Organizer first. Your journal entry should utilize proper grammar and spelling and address the following:
Write about yourself. Who are you?
Write about your family. Who are they, where are you and your family from?
Describe your caste.
Describe your historical roots.
How do you feel about your self and your position in life?
Describe your attitudes, feelings, and interactions towards or with people of different castes.


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