Atomic Theory Timeline

How did we discover the structure of an Atom?
Adapted from D. Kennen



The American Chemical Society has chosen YOU! You and your partner will be travelling back in time in order to meet the Greek philosopher Democritus. Democritus first introduced the concept of atoms thousands of years ago. Since then, our understanding of the atom has slowly expanded up until today. It is your job to bring him up to date.
You must communicate to him how our understanding of the atom progressed through history. What were the key steps in the development of that understanding? This is what you will be investigating in this Webquest.

You are to develop a briefing for Democritus that outlines the key scientists and experiments associated with the development of modern atomic theory. The briefing should include the names of the scientists, a description of the accomplishments, pictures of experimental equipment or atomic models, and descriptions of important scientific laws or principles developed by these scientists.

1. Begin your research by using your textbook and the links provided in the resource section of the webquest to complete a research data sheet for each of the following scientists, experiments, and atomic models:

* Democritus
* Robert Millikan
* Neils Bohr
* J.J. Thomson
* James Chadwick
* Ernest Rutherford
* John Dalton
* Murray Gell-Mann
* Erwin Schrodinger
* Henri Becquerel
* Dmitri Mendeleev
* Marie Curie
- Dalton's Atomic Theory
- Gold Foil Experiment
- Cathode Ray Tube experiment
-Oil Drop Experiment
- Plum Pudding Atomic Model
- Rutherford Model
- Bohr Planetary Model
- Quantum Mechanical Model

2. Prepare a chronological briefing for Democritus (assuming you can bring a PC back with you). It should include only the most important information from your research and it should be presented in chronological order. There needs to be pictures to illustrate your information. Refer to the grading rubric for a detailed outline of the requirements.

3. Make a timeline as part of your briefing which presents an overall view of the information.

4. Remember to follow the rubric given to you in class. This will ensure you recieve full points!

5. Record all of your sources.


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