Name ___________________ Unit _____ Period _____ Date _______________


_____ 1. Bake A. To cut into very small cubes.
B. To cook over, under, or in front of hot coals or a gas
_____ 2. Barbecue or electric burner, or other form of direct heat.
C. To mix ingredients by gently turning one part over
_____ 3. Beat another with a spatula.
D. To finely divide food in various sizes by rubbing
_____ 4. Blend it on a grater with sharp projections.
E. To make mixture smooth by lifting it over and over
_____ 5. Boil quickly with a big beating stroke or to incorporate
air through the mixture.
_____ 6. Broil F. To beat sugar and fat together until fluffy.
G. To prepare food by applying heat in any form.
_____ 7. Brown H. To ornament food – usually with another colorful
food – before serving to add eye appeal.
_____ 8. Brush I. To mix two or more ingredients together until well
_____ 9. Cook J. To remove or strip off the skin or rind of some
fruits and vegetables.
_____ 10. Cream K. To cut or chop food as finely as possible.
L. To cook by dry heat, usually in an oven.
_____ 11. Cut In M. To sprinkle or coat with a powdered substance,
usually with crumbs or seasonings.
_____ 12. Chop N. To work dough with the “heel” of the hands, using a
pressing motion, accompanied by folding and
_____ 13. Dice stretching until smooth and elastic.
O. To cook in water or liquid in which bubbles rise
_____ 14. Flour continually and break on surface.
P. To cut fat into flour with two knives, or a pastry
_____ 15. Fold in blender, until it is distributed in small particles
throughout the mixture.
_____ 16. Garnish Q. To coat food with butter, margarine, or egg - using
a small brush.
_____ 17. Grate R. To bake, dry, or toast a food until the surface is
_____ 18. Knead S. To roast meat slowly on a spit rack or rack over
heat – basting frequently with a seasoned sauce.
_____ 19. Mince T. To cut into small pieces.
U. To cook below the boiling point, bubbles form
_____ 20. Peel slowly and break on the surface.
V. To beat rapidly to introduce air bubbles into food.
_____ 21. Roll Applied to cream, eggs, and gelatin.

W. To mix by using circular motion, going around and
_____ 22. Saute around until blended.
X. To cook in the steam generated by boiling water.
_____ 23. Season Y. To flatten to a desired thickness by using a
rolling pin.
_____ 24. Simmer Z. To cook in a small amount of fat.
AA. To add salt, pepper, or other substances to food to
_____ 25. Steam enhance the flavor.
BB. To mix ingredients lightly without mashing or
_____ 26. Stir crushing them.

_____ 27. Toss

_____ 28. Whip


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