Black Holes
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1. Have a look at this video to understand what black holes are.

2. What are black holes? Answer briefly to that question.

3. Can you mention three elements near a black hole?

4. Why are they called black? Read second paragraph of the page.

5. Go to Hubble site and click on "Journey to a Black Hole", drag the wavelength to explore the sky and write the names of three black holes.

6. Go to this section “up close and personal” click on “show questions and experiments” and answer the following questions.
a) How many black holes are there?
b) Do black holes obey the laws of gravity?
c) What would happen to your body if you fell into a black hole?
d) Can black holes disappear?

7. This is a student's question: How can a black hole only 2 to 3 kilometers pull an entire star into its crevice and destroy it?

8. See the video for a better understanding.

9. This is the question of another student:”Wouldn't the black hole finally fill up ?” Find out readind this page, “Answer” section, second paragraph:


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