Have you ever been to York? Have you felt the pleasure of walking along the history of England? Have you seen one of the narrowest streets in the world? Would you like to visit the city considered to have the biggest number of ghosts?
If you think you are ready for this experience,go ahead and back in history!!


1-Where is the city of York?
2-What is its symbol?
3-Could you mention some of the ancient inhabitants of this city?
4-Can you draw a timeline including the most important inhabitants of the city and at least two objects,buildings etc from those times?
5-What is The York Viking Centre?
6-What are the shambles?
7-What is the name of the cathedral in York?
8-What are the bars in York?
9-Why is the war of the roses related to this historical city?
10 York is considered a haunted city and its nowadays inhabitants are proud of it.Could you tell any famous ghost story connected to York? IS it related to its history?Why?


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