Marco Polo and His Travels


Marco Polo is considered to be one of the greatest explorers in the world. He was one of the first Westerners who travelled the Silk Road to China.

I want you to show me how much do you know about this historical figure. You will become in adventurers, following his route to and from China in order to learn about the geography, local products, culture,etc. Maybe, after surfing the net and answering the questions I propose, you will be a real expert. Ready?

1.Where was Marco Polo born?
2.Why did Marco Polo travel to China?
3.Who was the emperor of China at that time?
4.What routes did Marco Polo follow to China and back?
5.What was the Silk Road?
6.What were the major products of the places he visited?
7.How long did Marco Polo stay in Khan's court?
8.What happened to Marco Polo when he returned to Venice?
9.Why did Marco Polo become famous?
10.What circumstances led to the publication of The Travels of Marco Polo?
11.Is there any link between both Marco Polo and Columbus?

The big question:

What effect did Marco Polo have on the history of Europe?



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